Adventures with Aleu on Cedar Brake Outer Loop at Dinosaur Valley State Park


One day this week I am deciding who I would like to be the new leader of the free world and another  day I am peeing in the woods, peeing in the woods was much more pleasurable.  The guy running Colorado is doing a pretty good job, can we please add him to the ballot.  Choosing from the ones currently nominated is like deciding to squat on poison ivy or a prickly pear.   I digress, back to peeing in the woods.


I woke up this beautiful morning and decided to escape all of the political rhetoric assaulting me from the media.  Aleu and I loaded up into the new Jeep and headed out to properly christen it with a little trail grime.  Our destination was one of my local favorites, Dinosaur Vally State park in Glen Rose, Texas.  We chose to complete an eight mile trail called the Cedar Brake Loop that I have only done parts of in the past, it was definitely worth the effort.   I was rewarded with amazing views from limestone ledges, soaring hawks, nervous bunnies and a spring like breeze in my hair. The trail begins and ends at the Paluxy River, crossing over creeks, through treed thickets and over rocky shale.  The footing varies from solid soil to shifty rock so mind your step and wear proper footwear or you may regret it, there is also an equal mix of sun and shade so I would recommend a hat for my fellow freckled friends.IMG_1031

I enjoyed my post hike stretch and thanked the universe for giving me such an awesome day, smiling inwardly recalling the responses I get from friends when they they ask what I do on my days off.  One friend told me the only way she would hike eight miles in a day is if she were being pursued by a pack of wild Dingos, I don’t think that a pack of wild Dingos could block my path to the trail on a day as stunning as this.

The day was amazing and all is right in my world, the new Jeep smells of wet dog just as it should, oh, and I peed in the woods.


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