Adventures with Aleu back at Dinosaur Valley State Park

FullSizeRender     FullSizeRender

Vitamin D is free so come fly with me.  Get up and put on those hiking shoes and learn to fly above all of this modern world lunacy, get a bit lost in places that most people will never see.  Gaze at the river flowing with critters swimming by along their merry way.  Feel the wind and sun on your face, feel your muscles burn as they get stronger and you go further.  Climb to the peak and enjoy the view quietly or with a yell from the top of your lungs.  Push yourself  to the point where that lukewarm water in your pack tastes like fine wine.  Let the salty sweat sting your eyes and crust your mouth as you involuntarily smile because you are fulfilled in the moment.  Take someone with you or go alone, just go.  Don’t miss out on the most overt secret this life has to offer, the wild things within us and around us.

The best way to be sure you are doing it right is to make sure you smell like river, soil, sun and a dash of wet dog at the end of the day.




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