Adventures with Aleu at Meridian State Park, Meridian,TX

The moment I stepped barefoot out onto my front porch this morning to enjoy my coffee and felt my toes toasted from the sun warmed clay tiles I knew it was going to be an amazing day to hike.

Aleu enjoying the view

It is a wonderful thing how the weight of a hiking pack can lift the weight of everyday life away as if it were a feather.  The sun shone down on Aleu and I as we loaded up the Mini and began the beautiful drive through Bosque county to Meridian State Park.

into the woods

The park staff was extremely kind and welcoming as we picked up our map and inquired about the best place to find a trail head.  The park is set up much like Cleburne State Park, with a nice no wake lake and a winding trail that snakes around it over ledges, creeks and through valleys.  There are plenty of plopping turtles and noisy cranes to gossip about your passing.  The large arching trees offered  plenty of shade for this pale faced lady which I appreciate since I am capable of a world class sunburn even in January.  The main trail is only about 2.5 miles long so we decided to loop it twice.  When we arrived back near the parking area there was a sweet lady waving at Aleu and I and exclaiming about how pretty Aleu is, I really like nice outdoorsy people!  No offense to urban dwellers but sometimes you have to be a fellow nature lover to get it.

Pale Faced Lady

The town of Meridian is very cute with a huge old courthouse and an old west feel.

Aleu and I arrived home with satiated souls and hungry bellies.  Daily adventure successful!

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