Adventures with Aleu at Lake Whitney State Park in Whitney, TX

I wouldn’t come to this park to enjoy long challenging hikes through the woods because they burnt it down, really they did.  Apparently this park needed a controlled burn to keep things in balance, it made me sad to see what is left but I do understand the idea behind these things.  On a more chipper note the lake is great so bring your kayak!  There is also a short nature trail that you can jog for a warm up.  IMG_0042 IMG_0033 IMG_0022There were deer all over the place, I counted 18 beautiful ladies pouncing about.  I don’t know if this is because a lot of their habitat was burnt or because they were just happy to see me, either way they did look happy and healthy with lots of fawns by their sides.

This park is appropriately named for the lake and it is fun to hike around with rocks and sand and a beautiful sunset.  Aleu didn’t mind the lack of trails at all because she adores the water and would swim all day long if I let her.  My car interior always suffers when our destination has a lake or river for her to enjoy.IMG_0049 IMG_0053 IMG_0052 IMG_0055

This is a great time of the year to visit if you like solitude, I had the whole place practically all to myself, which is the way I prefer.  The only other humans I encountered were the park rangers and I do have to say they were some of the nicest humans I have come across in a while, very smiley and helpful.  The lady who checked me in at the front office was absolutely full of sunshine.  It was a great day to get out there and breathe the air and shake off any gray dust on your spirit.  Come check this place out and enjoy the lake in Hill County, they have a ton of camping spots with screened in shelters, nice clean showers and smiley people!IMG_0034 IMG_0030


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