Adventures with Aleu at the Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

photo copy     My ears are frozen and my cheeks are flushed but its the sweet smell that affects me.  The sweet, musty moldy aroma of the earth reclaiming the winter leaves back into the moist soil under my feet.  The first truly cold hike of the year for Aleu and I, 35 degrees with a wet breeze.  She loves it of course, staying true to her Husky ancestors, I put four layers on and keep moving to stay warm.  The day really was beautiful and full of

Aleu and I found this beautiful bliss inside Dallas County limits, you can even glimpse Cowboys Stadium from one high point in the park, and yet through most of the trails you can feel as if you are in a hidden wonderland.  We did have to deal with more people than we prefer, but that only means about a dozen or so sharing the trails.  I think the venomous snake sign helps keep those with a weak conviction home on their couches where we like them.  I think I may make a few of those signs and just start adding them to the trails Aleu and I like the best just to help keep them to ourselves, or at least to weed out the

There is a cute little pond with a dock that is a pleasant pausing point for lunch and lots of little bridges and a high lookout tower maintained by the BoyScouts.  This is not a State Park and so your Park Pass doesn’t apply but all they ask is for a suggested  three dollar donation, small price for a wonderful place with great views and a well known gem among birdwatchers.  There is even a nice stone path through a butterfly garden near the front gate that is Handicap accessible.   Layer up and go outside, its invigorating!  photo photo

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1 thought on “Adventures with Aleu at the Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

  1. beautiful country. be careful of the snakes and hunters. I love you so much! Ticket for Mom Booked. Have fun. Love, GrAM


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