Adventures with Aleu at the Cleburne State Park in Cleburne,TX

It was another beautiful Texas winter day yesterday, which means 65 and a bit overcast.  I have a twinge of guilt when I consider the fact that most of the rest of the world is headed to an office and I am slipping on my hiking shoes and grabbing Aleu’s leash to head out for a hike this afternoon, not too guilty though, certainly not guilty enough to join them.

Aleu and I decided to stay fairly close to home because the sky had an ominous look to it, not that either one of us is sweet enough to melt from the rain.  The eerie sky makes a great backdrop for the trails in the Cleburne State Park, it felt like a Halloween adventure. We hiked the upper park boundary trail, it has a nice incline that is great for the buns. I advise caution on its rocky surface though because I have ended up on my buns more than once while slipping on loose rock.  There are some pretty views and plenty of deer in this park.  If you are there anytime around dusk i can almost guarantee you will see some momma deer grazing with their babies.


basically the same pic as the one below, just more fun with puppy ears in it, she isn’t afraid of the spooky woods at all
more silly selfies with my girl
the lake is a bit low but still plenty of room to splash around in a kayak

The trail footing varies from packed earth in some places to extremely loose rock so mind the ground under your feet. The park also has a nice little no wake lake, its really no wake right now because the boat ramp is closed so its mostly used by kayakers fishing or rowing along and the turtles too, can’t forget all of the turtles.  The other eerie horror movie scenery are the vultures, there are hundreds of them here, I kept telling them Aleu and I weren’t in that bad of shape so stop creeping us out please!photo photo

You can rent several different kinds of shelters including basic screen shelters all the way up to large dormitory type buildings for large groups.  The trails are marked well and this park is easy to find so I don’t understand why I don’t see more people enjoying this place.  Oh and I know this may sound a bit strange but this place has the best showers of any state park I have been too, the water is nice and warm and they are clean and new, its the little things in life.  So as much as I love having this treasure mostly to myself I sure hope some of you come visit this cool little gem in Johnson County, just come when I am not there please.

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