Adventures with Aleu in Glen Rose,Texas at Dinosaur Valley State Park

Aleu woke me up early yesterday with a paw in the face, followed by kisses to my ears and eyeballs.  If she had been a man I would have given her a black eye but she is my dog so she gets away with more than any human in my circle ever would.  It has been a few days since we hiked so I got the message and began planning our escape for the day.  Escaping on a Tuesday is a wonderful thing because most of the rest of the world is working and at this point I don’t exactly have a real job, so we climbed in the Mini and headed southwest of the Fort Worth area to Glen Rose Texas!  We had the trails almost exclusively to ourselves.  The terrain varies from flat and easy to rocky and steep, so it is possible to fall off a cliff into the Paluxy River below, wear actual hiking shoes to help avoid this.  The river was pretty low today so I was glad I was hiking and not kayaking because I would have still been hiking I would just be carrying a kayak instead of a backpack.

After visiting the dinosaur tracks along the river’s edge we headed out to the trails across the river.  Yes, there are actual dinosaur tracks you can see when the river is low, they are marked with signs and pretty awesome to see.  The weather was perfect, about 60 and sunny with no wind that I could feel and the trails were great.  We hiked the Paluxy River trail to the Cedar Ridge trail and then came down the Denio Creek Warbler trail.  Be sure to get a map of this place when you  come through the gates because it is very easy to get lost.  I hike here often and still find myself lost, I have had to ask Aleu how to find the car more than once.  I found a great slightly hidden spot a bit off the beaten trail, if you can find an old map it is marked as point of interest O, it is not included on the new maps they provide at the front gate, but here’s a clue, its just off of the Buckeye trail.  I don’t want to describe the spot in too much detail because you really need to see it for yourself, find it on a warm day.

photo 1
Pretty view of the Paluxy River

There are lots of critters to see including deer, snakes, opossums, Aleu’s favorite, squirrels! and Aleu’s dreaded enemy the ARMADILLO……..  She will attempt to climb trees, grow wings and fly or fit her large body into my backpack to escape the terrifying armadillo.  This place is worth the trip, pack plenty of water especially when its warm and don’t fall off the cliffs while enjoying the great views!  Camping is available with some cool remote spots to hide from society.  If you leave trash out on the trails please know that I will be saying horrible things about you.  photo copyIMG_0626

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