Adventures with Aleu at Cleburne State Park, Cleburne,TX

If you have a case of the Mondays I have the cure!  Get out to your local state park and walk until you’re sweaty and your legs are sore and you can smell yourself, then find a relaxing spot and breathe.  Go somewhere without traffic or cell phone service and take the time to admire the natural beauty of each individual tree and bird that you see.  For an extra strength dosage be sure to bring along a four legged sidekick with a wagging tail and a lolling tongue.


Cleburne State Park is practically in my back yard, especially by Texas standards and so often I take it for granted.  This place is truly peaceful and beautiful and wild.  As soon as I pulled into the park today there was a lovely Doe with her twin fawns grazing just inside the gate, she just glanced our way as if to send us a welcome to her home and gracefully nuzzled her babies.  We checked in with our usual smiley Park Ranger, who always has a treat for Aleu and headed to park near a trailhead we know well.

We hiked miles of trails around the lake and into the hills and saw only one family along the way.  I love having the place mostly to myself but I feel sad that this park seems under utilized, maybe I just come on the quietest of days.  Please seek out the wild places near you and visit them often, I promise you it’s cheaper than therapy, has only the best side effects and lasts longer than an intoxicant.  Get Outside People!




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