Adventures with Aleu at Lake Ray Roberts State Park

FullSizeRender   My Mom recently asked me if I was lonely, I couldn’t help but laugh and ask her if she actually read my blog, “Mom I hate people”, was my response.  I don’t really hate people but I do truly enjoy the solitude of my adventures, choosing to be alone in the woods and mountains and rivers and lakes definitely doesn’t constitute loneliness.  I share my adventures with everyone to encourage others to explore this beautiful world, alone or with company, may that company be man or beast is a personal choice.

cooling off
nice sandy trail, Aleu is having fun
nice sandy trail, Aleu is having fun

My latest adventure took Aleu and I to a lovely collection of parks known as the Lake Ray Roberts Park system, The Isle du Bois Unit was my favorite spot in the park.  This spot offers a long easy trail to explore and enjoy that skirts along the shore of the large lake and the trail also welcomes cyclists and horseback riders.  There are plenty of picnic areas with shelters and tent and Equestrian camping spots available too.  It was fairly abandoned on a sunny Monday afternoon so if you are in search of solitude and pretty views I would highly recommend utilizing it.  If you are looking for a challenging hike you will be disappointed, the trails are sandy and easy going but great for beginners or simply a calm stroll with tons of shade.  The lake is full and the boat ramps are open so bring your kayak or motor boat and visit this pretty place just north of the DFW craziness.  Never Lonely outside with Aleu.

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